Can I block incoming calls for my cell phone?

Block Cell Phone Number for FreeCan cell phone owners block unwanted calls and numbers? With the advancement in cell phone technology, today it is possible to block any and all unwanted incoming calls and numbers from your phone. Of course, these benefits or features do not come without a cost.

There are hundreds of carriers providing cell phones. There are very few with no charge for the services. Cost can range from just a few dollars to those ranging into the hundreds. Each phone comes with unique software feature compatibility and features that can be added at the time of purchase or for a fee later.

You, the cell phone owner must decide or determine how valuable it is for you to have the ability to completely block a call from entering the phone queue or deciding if you want to see the number first then have it deleted or blocked at the point of or before connection.

A few carriers will provide software allowing their customers the option of blocking calls or phone numbers when purchasing the phone.

Sprint states that they do not have any features exclusive to the system and not the phone that will allow you the ability to block a number. However, after speaking with several of their customer service technicians, it might depend on the person you speak with as to whether this is an option. Some state that with additional cost or service plans, there is a feature available allowing the owner to block a number.

Cell Phone Number Blocking Software Available Only On Blackberry Phones

There is a software package when installed and added properly to your Blackberry correctly will allow you to block a number completely from the phone. The IBerry Blacklist & Whitelist Software can be purchased and added to your blackberry phone. With this software added, you can block any number you choose from entering your phone.

The IBerry Blacklist & Whitelist application allows the owner to ‘blacklist’ numbers the owner does not want to receive. After adding a number to the Blacklist, the software will recognize the number and block it immediately. Within fifty milliseconds, the call is disconnected. It never rings on the phone. The caller has no idea they have been blocked.

The caller hears a sound similar to those given when a phone has been turned off. The number will be logged in your received list with date and time received recorded. In addition, the software has a long list of additional features available for you to use or have available if needed. Discovering the many uses and features is quite surprising and exciting.

Establish a Whitelist for all calls you want allowed. Those numbers will be allowed to ring through. Either you can answer them at your convenience or the caller is allowed to leave a voicemail message. This software is available only to those owning a Blackberry phone.

Windows Mobile Call Blocking 1.5 Software

This software has only one function; Blocking unwanted numbers from your mobile phone. Enter the numbers you choose to blacklist on your phone. The numbers are then blocked from calling your phone. At anytime when the caller tries to call your number the call is hung up. This software is very simple. You add the numbers you want blocked and they are hung up on. If later, you decide to allow the number, all you do is remove it from the Blacklist. There is no need to have a Whitelist. This software is Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5 capable. You can download the software at

Call Block 1.01

PDA Smartphone with WMD owners can install Call Block 1.01 on their phones and completely block any unwanted or unsolicited numbers from their phone. With Call block 1.01, you must select the appropriate mode for the situation. Select from Enable Call block, Disable Call Block, Block all Incoming Calls or wildcard call blocking. Wildcard allows you to establish a pattern for blocking calls. For instance, wildcard allows you to establish a time of day to block calls or a particular hour to not allow calls like maybe on Sunday morning. Download the software at

Advanced Call Manager

Pick up and hang up is an option available on Advanced Call Manager. If you want the caller to know their call and number is not wanted, Advanced Call Manager is definitely the one for you. The number is recognized as one you do not want. When it enters the system, the call is picked up then hung up. After they notice this occurring a few times, the caller knows their call is not wanted. Several other modes are available to the owner. Your phone can be modified to your specifications rejecting calls based on entries you make. In addition, the software offers a selection of varied unique actions. You have the option and you can take back control of your phone.

Often, a very innocent call can lead to hundreds of unwanted calls and callers. Numbers you have never seen begin to appear on your phone. Then you have telemarketers from around the world calling. Take your cell phone back. Prevent unwanted callers by simply downloading software.

Never again will you be bombarded with unwanted calls on your mobile phone. There are hundreds of unique mobile call blocking software packages available. Compatibility depends on the type phone and carrier. There is a way to block any and all unwanted numbers from entering your phone. The choice is yours. However, remember, not all phones are designed to accept additional software. You determine the importance of this feature and make your phone selection accordingly.

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