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Locate Cell Phone Number

How do I locate cell phone numbers?

Locate Cell Phone NumberYou may want to locate cell phone numbers to found out where a loved one is. You may also want to do it to track down a stolen cell phone that is probably being used.

Locating cell phone numbers also helps you find a person that you may be looking for. This is done largely to look for people or to keep track of them. There are however, several unholy reasons why one would want to locate a cell phone number.

Irrespective of what these intentions may be, technology has developed such that there are several ways in which you can locate a cell phone number. Read through the cell phone number location guide below and then be sure to check out our full lineup of cell phone reviews today!

Simple Ways to Locate a Phone

The simplest way to locate a phone is to use the umpteen search engines that are available online. All you will have to do is put in the cell phone number and you will gain access to basic information like the name of the person with whom the phone is registered. It will also give you a location. This basic information is available at very nominal charges to begin with. Anything more in terms of information will require a bigger fee. Google is a good location tool as are several national based registries.

Reverse Look Up for Cell Phone Number Location

There are several reverse look up sites that you can make use of. All you need to do is enter the area code and the number from where you have been receiving the calls. This will tell you the area from where the call is being made. For additional fees, you will also be given information on:

  • Name of the person to whom the phone is registered
  • The address of the person
  • Relatives, if any
  • Personal background
  • Criminal record, if any
  • Change in location if it has happened recently
  • Name of the owner of the phone even if it has been disconnected

Cell Phone Number Locating Using GPS

The Internet has become a useful means of being able to locate a cell phone number and its presence. Software such as GPS is basic to such needs. Some of the software can be downloaded directly from the computer to the phone. In other cases, you can actually insert a GPS chip into the phone discreetly and then keep a track of it. You will need:

  • Cell phone
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • GPS tracking chip
  • Related GPS software for your computer

How to Use GPS Locating

GPS tracking chips are discreet and can easily be hidden in a phone. Once in, you can activate them via software that is installed on your computer. It will allow you to pinpoint the location of the phone down to a few meters. The accuracy of the software depends on how advanced it is. Some of the pros of investing of GPS locating are that:

  • Finding out where a stolen phone is.
  • Finding out the location of the owner at any point.
  • You can also use it to find out your current location if you are lost.

Google Latitude for Cell Phone Location

Google Latitude is a service provided to those with valid Google accounts. All you need is a Gmail account to log in and enter details. You can also do the same for all family member phones. Thus locating them when necessary can be an easier task. It works on the simple premise of connecting all phones to a network. Here is how you can use it:

  1. Get yourself a Google Account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Use your Gmail ID to log in and access the Google Latitude tab.
  3. You will be prompted to fill in your cell phone details on the opening page. Hit enter to complete registration.
  4. Configure the account for your preferences.
  5. Send out invites to family members and register their phones on the network as well.

Selecting the Appropriate Cell Phone Location System

If all you want to do is locate a cell phone, it is best to use the several free services that are available online. A small fee and you can upgrade some of the details you require. Sometimes just knowing the identity of an unknown caller is more than enough. You can then handle things on your own. Often free software gives you just names and locations and paying a higher fee will give you access to additional details. While in some cases, the fee has to be split and given, in others it is a one-time payment that gets you all the details you require.

Locating a Cell Phone be Difficult

You will not always be able to locate cell phone numbers and locations easily. In this day and age of high end security, telephone networks make sure that their customers’ information is kept as secure as possible. In addition, with the increase in the number of prepaid connections, the need for personal information is not given too much of importance and hence is not available. You may run into roadblocks at several stages when you are trying to locate a cell phone number.

You may have several reasons for wanting to locate a cell phone number. While in some cases the cause is justified in other cases, it simply creates an invasion of privacy. The balance between the two is delicate and one that has to be handled carefully.

It is also very easy to cross the legal line when you are trying to locate a cell phone. Not everyone will take kindly to you locating their cell phone and you may get into more trouble than you bargained for.

Cell Phone Tracking

How do I track a cell phone number?

Cell Phone TrackingTracking a cell phone number is done for several reasons. Common reasons are to track a cell phone that has been stolen or to keep an eye on an errant teenager.

There may be certain not-so-good intentions in wanting to track a cell phone number. No matter what the reasons are, there are now several ways to track a cellular phone.

Read the guide below to learn how to track a cell phone number and then be sure to read through all of the cell phone reviews on this site!

Why track a cell phone number?

There are several reasons why one would choose to track a cell phone. While some of their intentions may be good, there are several that are not sincere, and it is best to steer clear of such an act if on is doing it to obtain information that he or she is not legally entitled to. No matter what, it is essential to evaluate the reasons behind tracking somebody else’s phone since you are invading privacy. Here are some of the key reasons to track a cell phone.

  1. To spy on an erring spouse
  2. To keep track of truant children
  3. A safety measure against robbery
  4. A safety measure in case of kidnapping threat to family members
  5. To find out who has been calling from an unknown number.

Choosing the Right Cell Phone Tracking System

If tracking of nuisance calls is all that is required, there are several free services or those that come with a small fee that are considered good enough for the job. Once you know who the anonymous caller is, you can easily tackle the problem yourself.

However, if you are looking for more details such as address, location, etc, then you will need to subscribe to cell phone tracer sites.

A fee of approximately $15 is applicable in most cases. Before a payment of this fee you will only be able to get a name and city location of the cell phone. As soon as payment is confirmed, detailed information will be provided to you. There are also tracking services for cell phones that require only a one-time payment.

What You Will Need to Track a Cell Phone

You will need a combination of each of these elements to track a cell phone. Some work individually, while others may need to work in conjunction with other software or hardware.

  • A cell phone
  • A computer
  • Internet Connection
  • GPS tracking chip
  • Corresponding GPS software for your computer

Using Online Cell Phone Tracking Software

You can also download cell phone tracking software from the Internet. Some examples are Wherify or even uLocate. This can be downloaded directly into your cell phone. Once loaded, the corresponding software on the computer will help track the cell phone. Depending on the quality of the program, one can narrow down the location of the phone from a few meters to a few blocks.

Using Cell Phone GPS Tracking

Cell phone GPS tracking chips are available in really small sizes. This keeps them discreet. They can be inserted into the back of the phone and are powered by the cell phone itself. The corresponding software when loaded on the computer will help you keep track of the phone. The advantages to this are

  • Knowing where the phone is if it has been stolen.
  • Knowing where the owner of the phone is at any given time (great for youngsters)
  • It can also be used to point out directions if lost.

Using Google Latitude

Tracking a cell phone of a family member can give other relatives some peace of mind in these troubled times. A good way of doing this is with an application like Google Latitude. This works by linking cell phones with a network. Here are the steps:

  1. Register for a Google Account through an active Gmail account.
  2. Log into Google with your Gmail ID and access the Google Latitude tab.
  3. Type in your cell phone number on the front page and hit enter.
  4. Configure the Google Latitude account for the numbers you want to track.
  5. Send Latitude invites to the phones of family members and register them on the network.

Reasons why Tracking a Cell Phone can be Difficult

Simply having requisite software or access to cell phone tracking networks does not guarantee you complete success in tracking a cell phone number. It can get difficult at several stages and the more details you require, the more money you should be ready to spend. The two main reasons why things can be difficult is because:

  • Cell phone networks are stricter with their privacy policy.
  • Pre-paid numbers do not require registration or inclusion of personal information in any way.

Alternate Ways to Track a Cell Phone Number

There are several search engines that allow you to look for the owner of a cell phone or a location. A good example is, which allows you to look for several registered as well as unregistered mobile and landline numbers. Access to this comes at nominal costs. The databases are large and the searches are comprehensive.

In some cases, you will be lucky enough to find out to whom a number has been registered even if it has been disconnected. Google is also an excellent way to do a public search when you are tracking a cell phone. If your search turns up without results, remove the dashes that a number comes with and try again, it may give you better results.

There are several ways to track a cell phone. While some are sophisticated and expensive, others are as simple as running a search on the right search engine. However, the results in most cases can be a mixed bag. Evaluate your reasons for tracking a cell phone and decide on your method of tracking based on that.

Cell Phone Numbers by Name

How do I find cell phone numbers by name?

Cell Phone Numbers by NameHave you ever thought to yourself “How do I find cell phone numbers by name?” and haven’t been able to come up with a solution? Cell phone numbers can be a difficult thing to find for someone, especially because there really isn’t a public directory to find the numbers like the traditional land line telephone books that have been published for many years.

Why it is so Hard to Find Cell Phone Numbers by Name?

Privacy laws dictate and control the flow of information in regards to cell phone numbers. This is why the question of how do I find cell phone numbers by name arises so frequently for many individuals. The only people who really didn’t have problems getting a hold of this information were government officials or even law officers that had a really good reason for attempting to obtain the private numbers.

Many people in the past few years who really contemplated the question of how do I find cell phone numbers by name have gone out of their way to hire individuals who were skilled in the field to do so. It was rather costly though so some alternative methods should be sought out.

Recent Changes to look up Cell Phone Numbers by Name and Privacy Laws

The good news for people who want to look up one or multiple cell phone numbers by name is that laws have been shifted downward a bit and made it easier to find that personal information about someone. It still isn’t incredibly easy to find someone’s number now though even with the shifts in laws. Now there are some cell phone directories that are published to assist you in finding that hard to track down phone number. However, they’re usually not free and can cost some money although the price isn’t usually too steep. It can definitely be worth it if you are able to find that person’s cell phone number.

Sources to find Cell Phone Numbers by Name

There are a few different ways to find someone’s cell phone number besides a published cell phone directory.

  • Ask friends. Sometimes you have a friend who is also friends with the person you are trying to track down. It may be as easy as asking them if they have the number in their contact list.
  • Get them to call you. If the friend isn’t willing to just give you their cell phone number than you may want to try to come up with an excuse for why they should call you. Once they do this then the number will be saved on your phone.
  • Find a reason to get their number besides for your convenience. It may be important to try to get their number such as inviting them to an event or some other reason that’s significant.
  • Utilize the Internet. There are many different sources that are available through the internet like through social networking sites or even published databases where it is possible to search for cell phone numbers by name.
  • Realize that you might need to pay a small sum in order to access the private cell phone records. Many businesses are funded by keeping the information private and requiring individuals who want this secret information to pay for it in exchange for the convenience.
  • Hire a private investigator. This is quite costly but if it’s that important that you obtain the cell phone number then it may be worth dropping a few hundred dollars in order to have someone else do the detective work on your behalf.

Using these tips it may be possible to find multiple cell phone numbers by name. Read more of our popular cell phone FAQ and then start finding the best cell phone today!

Cell Phone Business – Mall Kiosk

How do I start a cell phone business?

Cell Phone Business - Mall KioskStarting a cell phone business can be a long-term profit maker for you. Isn’t it sad that most people dream about building a business and working for themselves but never do anything about it? Starting a cell phone business is hard work and requires determination. If you think that you have what it takes then you should read this guide, follow its instructions, and try to give it your best shot!

Online Store or Traditional Storefront

The first thing that needs to be decided is where the business will take place. Online stores require less start-up costs, but need tech-saviness and patience. The online cell phone business is very intense because there is a big pie out there. Traditional storefronts cater to a specific area, which may or may not be a competitive environment depending on geographic location. These types of stores require employees, liability insurance, computer equipment/software and paying rent. Stocking inventory follows and as anyone can reasonably expect, expenses start to cost thousands of dollars.

How to Get What a Cell Phone Business Needs

In order to get the inventory you need from the cell phone carrier, you need a Master Dealer. A Master Dealer has the power to get your store exactly what it needs. Master Dealers are in charge of supplying cell phone inventories, processing commissions and giving advice.

Furthermore, they provide support and training for your business. Some Master Dealers are nationwide, while others only operate locally. Every Master Dealer varies in pay and quality. Choosing the right Master Dealer is an important step toward starting a cell phone business.

Finding a Master Dealer

Here comes the hard part. A list exists with the names and numbers of Master Dealers across the country. The problem is that this list is confidential and only few have access to it. In order to solve this problem, you must talk to people in the cell phone business.

People who work with Master Dealers can give you the information that you need. After contacting the Master Dealer, you need to persuade them to work with you. Having a cell phone business with a traditional storefront instead being online can really help persuade a Master Dealer. If you are persuasive, then a Master Dealer might still supply you without requiring you to own a storefront.

Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Carrier

If you choose for your business to become your cell phone’s business exclusive supplier then there are benefits and drawbacks. The benefits toward going exclusive are newer products and higher commissions. The drawbacks are that the carrier has a high amount of power over your business. For example, if the carrier decides to cut off your commission by 70 percent, then your cell phone business will definitely go under. This can happen when a carrier wants to open it’s store around your area.

Now let’s go on to what a cell phone business really sells.

The cell phone business model works by selling the following:

  • Prepaid Cards/Activation – Varies, cards $5-30
  • Accessory Sales – $5 to $50 each
  • Upgrades and Add Ons – $30 to $100 each
  • 1-2 Year Contracts(Post-Paid Activation) – $75 to $450 each

How Do They Make Money?

So how does a cell phone business make money exactly? Well, glad you asked! Here are some of the different money makers that you as a cell phone business owner will soon be intimately familiar with:

Prepaid Cards/Activation

Prepaid card sales work on a commission basis. A prepaid carrier might allow you to have a 10% commission which means that if you sell a prepaid card for 10$ then you receive 1$ in profit and the rest goes to the carrier. Prepaid activations are easy ways to make a profit without doing much calculating work. Prepaid activations make money on the amount that is made from selling the card past its wholesale price. For example, if you buy the prepaid activation at wholesale value for $30 then you could make a hefty profit by selling it to a customer for $50.

Cell Phone Accessories

Accessories are a major source of profit for a cell phone business. People need to feel that accessories are required in order for a sale to occur. Having persuasive salesman can help move potential buyers into real sales.

The most common accessories sold are chargers, headsets and replacement parts. Accessories can be bought cheaply in bulk from suppliers in Asia and sold for much higher than their original price. You might order a hundred cases for a dollar each from Hong Kong and sell them for 9 dollars each once they arrive at your store. Combining cheap accessories with expensive phones will attract customers and allow you to sell more phones.


Upgrades or contract extensions are another way of making some money in the cellular phone business. Upgrade happens when a customer has a given carrier, and they want to extend their contracts for another 2 years in exchange for a new phone on the same carrier. Carriers will pay a commission for every upgrade which is sold to a buyer. Upgrades make a small profit for cell phone businesses, usually in the range of thirty to a hundred dollars each.


Carriers also give commissions for add-ons. A business can expect five to one hundred dollars for every add-on sold. Add-ons are things like web browsing capabilities, additional texting and Blackberry capabilities. Combining a cheaper add-ons with a more expensive cell phone can result in additional profits for your business.

Cell Phone Activations

This is the main stay of a cell phone businesses profit source. Activations are what people mean when they say talk about getting a new cell phone. A one year or two year contract can mean $60 – $180 in profit for a cell phone business. Depending on how many are sold, a dealer can expect $3000 to $8000 per month from activations alone.

Starting a cell phone business might seem like hard work, but it has been done successfully many times over. If you have the heart and dedication, then starting a cell phone business won’t be impossible. Learn more by reading through all of our cell phone reviews now!

Don’t Worry – Cell Phone Tapped

Is my cell phone tapped?

Don't Worry - Cell Phone TappedHow do you find out if your cell phone is tapped? Well, someone who is wondering why the battery life on that newly purchased cell phone is shorter than expected or suspecting that weird sound the phone makes has something to do with privacy meaning their cell phone being tapped, they have hit the nail on the head!

Unless that person is involved in a crime, breach of trust, unpleasant activities or feeling some discomfort, there is nothing to worry about but to stay cool and get going.

Of course, no one really wants their cell phone to be tapped so here is some more information on how you can tell if your cell phone is tapped and what exactly you can do about it.

What to Look for When Suspicious

Although it is illegal to tap someone’s cell phone without their consent, the advent of high-tech has shown those culprits who are looking into intruding personal space of an unsuspecting victim in order to steal that critical information or call records, various sophisticated ways to do it without leaving a trace. Following is a list of signs to look for, that might indicate that the cell phone security has been compromised:

  • The cell phone battery feels warmer than usual room temperature when not in use
  • The cell phone goes on or off without operating it, unless the battery is too low
  • Static noise heard with regular intervals, clicking or other background sounds
  • The cell phone needs frequent charging which is unusual when the device is new
  • The switch off time long enough to make someone frustrated is another sign, unless the phone is experiencing hardware glitches
  • Screen distortion
  • Strange numbers on the display or monthly statement

Victims of Cell Phone Tapping

The chances are high that a well-mannered person’s cell phone is clean and free from malicious stuffs but one need to be highly vigilant when it comes to protecting privacy as there are many reasons to believe why it was invaded in the first place. Some of the potential suspects to make note of are:

  • Spouse of dubious nature
  • A nosy boss
  • A random prankster
  • Marketing spammers
  • Investigating departments

It is most likely that the person whose cell phone gets tapped is either unaware of any signs of phone tapping or just leading a busy life.

Techniques to Tap a Cell Phone

A broad knowledge in the abuse of hi-tech gadgets is as important to one as the fancy usage of them. Taking that into mind, though it is not recommended, calls and other details from a cell phone can be tapped using various techniques as explained below:

  1. The Multi-track system, an external device manufactured and distributed by some surveillance product companies or Spy data extractor similar to USB drive can be used to read the data from the SIM card into the computer which then reveals all the messages and numbers that has been deleted from the phone and in some cases, recorded conversations.
  2. Another option is to purchase a call recorder card that can be filled in with minutes during purchase and the phone number to be tapped is entered according to the instructions given, while all the calls that are received by the phone being tapped are forwarded to a switch provided by the company which are retrieved later.
  3. Certain softwares like FlexiSpy and RecordiaPro installed into the cell phone, makes the conversation available in real time or records it for later usage by accessing the relevant system. Other softwares that are coupled with GPS features make it possible for someone to track down the exact location of the device at a fingertip.
  4. Online surveillance providers let the user track the phone by entering the number in their website thus pin-pointing the geographic position of the device.

How to Protect a Cell Phone from Being Tapped

Just like every problem has a solution and every virus has an anti-virus, a tapped cell phone has an easy way out of all the mess if one knows how to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. Here are a few:

  • Reporting the intrusion to anti-crime squads or private investigating agencies will save a lot of time and energy spent in figuring out the possibility.
  • Taking a chance by asking the suspect directly is another way to get through it.
  • Service providers normally are equipped with all the required technology to find out the breach and provide them to customers upon request. The providers can then completely wipe out the bugs and restore the device manufacturer settings.
  • Having a password enabled lock system or taking the battery out when not in use is recommended too.
  • Phones and devices that are less sophisticated and less experimented with are a better option if one is really concerned about the security issues because the software for such devices are either outdated or hard to find making it hard for the intruder to break through it precisely.
  • Leaving the cell phone around to bask in the sun or warm-up at the gym or listen to the rest of the speech will make it easier for the culprit to get a hand on it. Hence it is always good to be on the safe side than to repent later.

Last but not least, only authorized Government agents are allowed to tap a cell phone. For the rest of the population doing such a thing is highly illegal which in fact could land them in jail.

Many cell phone tapping crimes happening each and every day some of which go unnoticed and untraced, adversely affect the life of both personal users and large scale businesses. While most monetary losses can be compensated with proper backup or insurance, the ones that are irreplaceable, like trust, are lost forever.

Read through our cell phone reviews and then be sure to check out more of our cell phone FAQ!

Cell Phone Jammer

How do I make a cell phone jammer?

Cell Phone JammerHave you ever gotten frustrated over listening to people talk on their cell phones in theaters, public transportation, work, churches and school? Building a cell phone jammer can be a good way to stop all of this and have some fun too.

Save yourself from listening to people who just can’t stop talking for hours and hours at a time. Cell phones are radio-transmitting devices, which means that their signal has the potential to be disrupted. This article will explore how a cell phone jammer works and how to build one.

How do I Jam a Cell Phone?

The first thing that one needs to understand is that jamming cell phones is illegal. They cannot be bought legally in the United States of America. The only entity allowed to hold cell phone jammers is law enforcement.

It is also important to realize that if a cell phone jammer is ordered from overseas then it might be taken by customs officials. In a nutshell, we DO NOT ADVOCATE THE USE OF CELL PHONE JAMMERS illegally so consider this a fun overview guide to learn how to build a cell phone jammer for theoretical purposes only if you live in the United States.

Jammers can broadcast on any frequency and are effective against:

  • Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN)
  • Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS)
  • Nextel Systems
  • Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
  • Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
  • Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)
  • Personal Communications Services (PCS)
  • Distributed Communications System (DCS)

The range of the jammer is determined by its local environment and its own power. The local environment may be littered with walls, hills and other objects which cause radio signal interference.

Build Your Own: Change Your Cell Phone Into a Cell Phone Jammer

It is possible to build a cell phone jammer by modifying a cell phone. Certain cell phone jammers are designed to be installed into cell phones. They can be used to stop all cell phone activity in:

  • Classrooms
  • Small seminar halls
  • Meeting rooms and board rooms
  • Private offices
  • Bus and vehicles (imagine how you can finally have a good undisturbed nap)
  • VIP and privacy-sensitive scenarios

These are also illegal and difficult to build yourself. You must have some knowledge and skill at soldering microchips and manipulating radio frequencies. You must buy this jammer online from an overseas distributor.

Build Your Own: Wave Bubble Cell Phone Jammers

A Wave Bubble Jammer has the capability of jamming all types of radio frequencies, including cell phones. A lithium-ion battery is be installed to provide power and can provide up to 2 to 4 hours of jamming.

The battery is rechargeable via a USB connector or a 4 mm DC jack. Triple A batteries can also be used. Building a Wave Bubble Jammer requires a large amount of SMT smoldering on specific chips, especially the multiple SOT, TSSOP and 0603 RC.

Two radio antennas run out of the chips and interfere with radio signals in the range of 20 to 25 feet. Amateurs should get help from person who is skilled at smoldering if they want to adequately abide by the Wave Bubble Jammer’s construction guidelines in order to construct and debug the jammer.
The total cost of a Wave Bubble Cell Phone Jammer is 25$ for printed circuit boards and 100$ for parts.

Tools needed:

  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Solder Paste
  • (De)solder braid
  • Power Supply
  • Multimeter/Oscilloscope
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Tweezers
  • Board holder
  • Small Flashlight
  • Magnifying Glass

What Happens If You Get Caught with a Cell Phone Jammer?

Cell phone jamming is prohibited in FCC code section 15. The exact types of legal prosecution that can be used against cell phone jammer users varies between states. Selling a cell phone jammer carries hefty penalties. Before you try to build or buy a cell phone jammer, make sure that you understand the legal repercussions of using such a device. This article is meant to be informative and is not meant to persuade readers into buying, building or using cell phone jammers in defiance of the law.

Can I block incoming calls for my cell phone?

Can I block incoming calls for my cell phone?

Block Cell Phone Number for FreeCan cell phone owners block unwanted calls and numbers? With the advancement in cell phone technology, today it is possible to block any and all unwanted incoming calls and numbers from your phone. Of course, these benefits or features do not come without a cost.

There are hundreds of carriers providing cell phones. There are very few with no charge for the services. Cost can range from just a few dollars to those ranging into the hundreds. Each phone comes with unique software feature compatibility and features that can be added at the time of purchase or for a fee later.

You, the cell phone owner must decide or determine how valuable it is for you to have the ability to completely block a call from entering the phone queue or deciding if you want to see the number first then have it deleted or blocked at the point of or before connection.

A few carriers will provide software allowing their customers the option of blocking calls or phone numbers when purchasing the phone.

Sprint states that they do not have any features exclusive to the system and not the phone that will allow you the ability to block a number. However, after speaking with several of their customer service technicians, it might depend on the person you speak with as to whether this is an option. Some state that with additional cost or service plans, there is a feature available allowing the owner to block a number.

Cell Phone Number Blocking Software Available Only On Blackberry Phones

There is a software package when installed and added properly to your Blackberry correctly will allow you to block a number completely from the phone. The IBerry Blacklist & Whitelist Software can be purchased and added to your blackberry phone. With this software added, you can block any number you choose from entering your phone.

The IBerry Blacklist & Whitelist application allows the owner to ‘blacklist’ numbers the owner does not want to receive. After adding a number to the Blacklist, the software will recognize the number and block it immediately. Within fifty milliseconds, the call is disconnected. It never rings on the phone. The caller has no idea they have been blocked.

The caller hears a sound similar to those given when a phone has been turned off. The number will be logged in your received list with date and time received recorded. In addition, the software has a long list of additional features available for you to use or have available if needed. Discovering the many uses and features is quite surprising and exciting.

Establish a Whitelist for all calls you want allowed. Those numbers will be allowed to ring through. Either you can answer them at your convenience or the caller is allowed to leave a voicemail message. This software is available only to those owning a Blackberry phone.

Windows Mobile Call Blocking 1.5 Software

This software has only one function; Blocking unwanted numbers from your mobile phone. Enter the numbers you choose to blacklist on your phone. The numbers are then blocked from calling your phone. At anytime when the caller tries to call your number the call is hung up. This software is very simple. You add the numbers you want blocked and they are hung up on. If later, you decide to allow the number, all you do is remove it from the Blacklist. There is no need to have a Whitelist. This software is Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5 capable. You can download the software at

Call Block 1.01

PDA Smartphone with WMD owners can install Call Block 1.01 on their phones and completely block any unwanted or unsolicited numbers from their phone. With Call block 1.01, you must select the appropriate mode for the situation. Select from Enable Call block, Disable Call Block, Block all Incoming Calls or wildcard call blocking. Wildcard allows you to establish a pattern for blocking calls. For instance, wildcard allows you to establish a time of day to block calls or a particular hour to not allow calls like maybe on Sunday morning. Download the software at

Advanced Call Manager

Pick up and hang up is an option available on Advanced Call Manager. If you want the caller to know their call and number is not wanted, Advanced Call Manager is definitely the one for you. The number is recognized as one you do not want. When it enters the system, the call is picked up then hung up. After they notice this occurring a few times, the caller knows their call is not wanted. Several other modes are available to the owner. Your phone can be modified to your specifications rejecting calls based on entries you make. In addition, the software offers a selection of varied unique actions. You have the option and you can take back control of your phone.

Often, a very innocent call can lead to hundreds of unwanted calls and callers. Numbers you have never seen begin to appear on your phone. Then you have telemarketers from around the world calling. Take your cell phone back. Prevent unwanted callers by simply downloading software.

Never again will you be bombarded with unwanted calls on your mobile phone. There are hundreds of unique mobile call blocking software packages available. Compatibility depends on the type phone and carrier. There is a way to block any and all unwanted numbers from entering your phone. The choice is yours. However, remember, not all phones are designed to accept additional software. You determine the importance of this feature and make your phone selection accordingly.

Block Cell Phone Number for Free

How do I block a cell phone for free?

Block Cell Phone Number for FreeDo you want to learn how to block a cell phone for free? There are several options if you wish to block a number on your cell phone without doling out any of your hard-earned cash. Although, the methods that require you to pay generally are not that expensive and usually go through your carrier.

With cell phones so popular and technology being the primary means of communication, it comes as no surprise that we all get the occasional pesky caller that we just do not want to hear from at all or that caller who just will not let your phone rest.

To block a number from reaching you, try one of the following options. And if none of them appeal to you, it is likely that you are, unfortunately, going to have to pay for the number to be blocked. Also, be sure and use our free tool for finding the best cell phone!

Steps to Blocking a Number on Your Cell Phone

This really depends on what method you are using. There are several options available to you that do not involve payment and several that do, but you don’t want those. You want a free, easy-to-use option that solves your problem or problems. Try one of the following options.

Option Number One: Google Voice

Option number is widely acknowledged as the easiest way of blocking calls for free from reaching your cell phone. It is free and easy to do, which means that option number one should probably be your first choice if you really want to block someone from reaching you or your cell phone.

Step number one: This only applies if you do not already have a Google Voice account. If you do not, sign up for a Google Voice account (anyone can sign up – it’s quick, painless and free.)

Step number two: Log in to your account once you have created a Google Voice account.

Step number three: Locate either the call you wish to block or a voicemail if one was left as a result of the call – really, locate the number or the voicemail left from that number.

Step number four: Click on the box next to said call or voicemail to check it off as marked.

Step number five: Click on “more” underneath the call or voicemail that you have just checked off as the call or voicemail to be affected.

Step number six: Opt to “Block Caller” and that caller should be blocked from contacting you.

It is as easy as those six, simple, short steps listed above! You have blocked your annoying caller and should be problem free now. This method is totally free as well as being considered to be by-and-far the easiest method of blocking a call from any callers who are pesky, annoying or simply unwanted who just won’t leave you alone. Try this method first, and if it doesn’t suit your tastes or is not what you had in mind, try the second option.

Option Number Two: Silence or Ignore the Call

Yes, it is not technically blocking the caller, but it will achieve the same goal. If the calling is what is annoying you even if you do not answer, try setting the ring tone for the caller that you want to block to ‘silent’. Many phones allow you to choose different ring tones and even pictures for separate callers, so this might be an option to consider, especially if you do not want to pay to block the caller.

Option Number Three: The National Do Not Call Registry

This is specifically a list for blocking telemarketers, which may or may not be your problem, but is available to you should telemarketers harass your cell phone or house phone.

The National Do Not Call Registry is a government-run agency designed specifically to keep telemarketers from calling you and attempting to pawn off whatever wares that you do not want and have no desire to speak about over the cell phone or telephone, especially not with telemarketers.

If telemarketers are, indeed, your problem, visit the National Do Not Call Registry’s website and opt to register your number. You can register up to three numbers at once and must go through a short registration process that involves a few quick and easy questions. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email.

And that is all there is to it. Telemarketers should stop calling you. Granted, they have thirty-one days to stop calling before you can lodge a complaint. This is because telemarketers are required to check the registry once every thirty-one days, which means that you might still be on some telemarketer’s lists for up to thirty-one days.

Most options for blocking numbers from your cell phone involve either a) payment, b) your carrier, or c) all of the above. If the free methods don’t work for you and you desperately want to block someone from calling your cell phone, try contacting your carrier. Most of them have a service to block numbers; for some of them it is even free. There are also other services run by companies that are carriers that offer the same types of blocking and privacy settings that require small fees, such as TrapCall.

However, the above three options, which mostly will not solve your pesky cell phone harassers if option one does not work, are really the only and best options for blocking incoming and unsolicited calls. Check with your carrier first to see if they even offer a service and, if they do, to see how much it costs. It is potentially no additional charge to you and might be a service you already possess with your plan.

How can I find someone’s cell phone number?

How can I find someone’s cell phone number?

Find Cell Phone NumberAre you having difficulty trying to find someone’s cell phone number? Well, using the traditional methods available won’t get you anywhere. There are stringent laws that keep cell phone numbers inaccessible to the public. Hence, the public can only gain access to cell phone numbers through a few channels.

Only licensed investigators and members of law enforcement organizations can gain access to cell phone directories as they are not available for public scrutiny.

In order to find someones cell phone number, many people hired the services of a private investigator in the past. However, this became a very costly affair with private investigators charging as much as $200 for just finding one person’s cell phone number. There are plenty of other ways to find a person’s cellular phone number. Read on to learn some of the common methods for finding a person’s cell phone number online and then be sure to use our free cell phone finder!

1. Search Engines

Users can find someones cell phone number through a search engine such as Yahoo or Google. For this, users have to enter the person’s name and phone number. Although this method is used it is not very effective. Users can make use of networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, message boards and online classified ad sites that can display the cell phone owner’s name and other details.

2. No Cost Cellular Directories

No cost cellular directories can be used to locate a person’s cell phone number. These are easily found online. The only catch lies in the fact that users may have to provide their personal information also before being able to access the other person’s cell phone number. Although these databases are not fully complete, this method is gradually gaining the acceptance of cell phone users all over the world.

3. Searching Your State’s Judicial Website

Users can also try searching their state’s judicial website and locate a person’s cell number. They may be lucky if the person’s number whom they are searching has been a witness or has had any type of criminal or court proceedings against him. Court records are posted online by many states and this is a way to find the contact information of the person also. If the person were a land or homeowner, government agencies would have posted the property tax information online. Users can also check the city and county websites where the person owns property in order to quickly locate his/her cell number.

4. Simple Networking

Simple networking can also help users to find someones cell number. They can just enquire family members and friends about the details of the particular person. This method is cost effective although not everyone likes it. This is the best method to find someones cell phone number for free. Users can end up receiving all the details for free using this method.

5. Private Investigators

1. Another popular and traditional method available that can help users find someones cell phone number is hiring a private investigator. Hiring a private investigator may not be the most practical method and is definitely more expensive, but until a few years ago, this was the widely used method to locate a person’s cell phone number. This method can also be used to trace people. For tracking someone’s number users may have to pay up to $150.

6. National Cell Phone Registry/Reverse Cell Phone Directory

This is by far the best and most practical method of locating the cell phone number of a person. Using the cell phone registry users can find the cell phone numbers of people in both Canada and U.S. The cell phone directory service is used largely by private investigators and law enforcement agencies. The cell phone directory has become accessible to public only recently. However, users must pay a fee to access the cell phone records, as it is not public information. With the changes made recently in privacy laws, cell phone records that were once restricted can now be used by public to locate someones cell phone number.

However, cell phone numbers cannot be released to the public quickly as they are still protected in some way. By paying a small fee, users can have access to the cell phone number of a person. Users can spend the small amount if the information is of great importance to them. Only a few cell phone directories list cell phone numbers of others by name. In this respect, The National Cell phone number registry is the most popular cell phone directory that is widely used by a majority of people, mainly law enforcement and private investigators.

Another effective and sensible way of locating someones cell phone number is through the reverse cell phone directory. This can cost users anywhere between $10 and $35. Since the numbers are listed in an online database, it can cost a great deal of money. Therefore, it’s only natural that users are charged for getting the information!

Words of Caution for Looking for Someones Cell Phone Number

It is better for users to take up further research to know about the best ways of locating someones cell phone number easily. They can read through reviews and compare costs before making use of cell phone or reverse cell phone directories.

It pays to tread away from the scam or fraudulent companies while selecting cell phone databases as there are quite a few out there. They can identify the best directories by taking up research. The best ones are those that permit a preliminary search of their database.

If the database has the number the user is looking for there will be an alert saying that the number you have requested on the directory is available.

Cell Phone Ringtones

How do I put ringtones on my cell phone?

Cell Phone RingtonesAlmost everyone uses ringtones on their cell phones these days. If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I put ringtones on my cell phone?” you’ve come to the right place. Downloading ringtones to your cell phone is a fairly simple process that’s easy to learn, even for the newest user of a cell phone.

Since there are several different makes of cell phone, the names might be different, but don’t be concerned if you have a new phone and don’t recognize the names of the function you’re using – it’s pretty much the same process for each cell phone.

Read through this guide on how to put ringtones on your cell phone, or in this case, the Motorola I465, better known as the Clutch and then be sure to browse through all of the cell phone reviews on this site to find the best cell phone and cell phone plan!


Go to “Ringtones”. For other phones it might be ‘ringers’. Either way, it’s the same thing as a ringtone. Once you are familiar with the process, it won’t matter what the ringtone is called-you’ll recognize the function instantly.


Select “Buy Ringtones” on the Motorola Clutch. On other phones, it may be “buy ringers”. Once again, the process is quite similar on all phones, though the names are different. Each cell phone maker uses different names for the same function, especially the iPhone.


You will open the browser on your phone, and then you will see the website of the phone company you’re with. The first page will usually show featured ringtones. If you want one of those, then select it. If not, then select “browse categories”. It will then show various categories of music that you can look through. Usually, you are able to select ringtones either by genre or artist. There are millions of ringtones to choose from, especially nowadays. Most artists receive royalties from every ringtone they sell, so you can imagine how many are jumping at the opportunity to put their music on cell phones. That’s why there is so much variety when it comes to ringtones. A couple of years ago, that wasn’t the case.


The screen for purchasing that ringtone will then be shown. You can download ringtones for free, but usually many require payment, and can go for as little as 99 cents and as much as a few dollars. It usually depends on the song itself-if it’s really popular or not. Most of the time, the ringtones are rather inexpensive. Peer to Peer network downloads never happened on cell phones, although it’s possible. So, unless you can download ringtones from your computer onto your phone, you do have to pay something.


Download the ringtone. It will be relatively small in size and won’t take a long time to download-usually a few seconds. If it takes too long, then call the customer service of the company your’e with. They will help you resolve any issues you may have with downloading ringtones. Fortunately, that isn’t required very often. The phone company makes it easy and quick to download a ringtone.


Once the ringtone is downloaded, it’s time to assign the ringtone to where you want it. On the Clutch, you assign the ringtone to line 1, line 2. and so on. On other phones, you assign the ringtone to voice calls, contacts, messages and alarms. Most people assign ringtones to voice calls, although you can also assign the ringtone to other functions.


Once you’ve assigned the ringtone to a line, you’re ready to go. You can go and get more ringtones or just stick with the one you have. Either way, now that you’ve learned how to put ringtones on your cell phone, and you see how simple it is, go ahead and put more on, if you wish.

There you have it. A simple lesson in how to put ringtones on your cell phone. Happy ringtone downloading!