How do I block a phone number on my cell phone?

Block Phone Number on Cell Phone

"Errgh, I just don't have time to listen to any more heavy breathing on the phone right now - why can't I have a stalker that would at least leave me alone during rush hour..."

If you want to block a number on your cell phone then there are a number of different options available to you.

Check out the below easy to use how to block a phone number guide for a quick run through of 3 different ways to block a cell phone number as well as some bonus information that you will find useful.

Read on to learn all about how to block a phone number on your cell phone and then be sure to start browsing through all of our cell phone reviews!

Option #1: Google Voice

Google Voice is considered to be the easiest way of blocking calls. It is free and easy to do.

  1. Sign up for a Google Voice account if you don’t have one (anyone can sign up by clicking here)
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Locate either the call you wish to block or a voicemail if one was left
  4. Check the box next to said call or voicemail
  5. Click on “more” underneath the call
  6. Opt to “Block Caller”

And voila! You have blocked your problem.

If you would rather not use Google Voice, there are other options.

Option #2: Contact Your Cell Phone Carrier

Almost all carriers have a method of blocking calls; however, it usually costs the customer money. You can generally find the option under the title of “Parental Controls”, which will achieve the same thing in the end: blocking the caller.

The blocking method varies from carrier to carrier. Here are four methods for four widespread carriers:

  • AT&T – this carrier has a feature called “Smart Limits”. It costs $5.00 per month.
  • Verizon – their service is free but limited. The customer can only block up to five numbers at any given time and a number can only be blocked for three months at a time.
  • T-Mobile – they have a customer service line (611). Call this number and customer service will help you block the number.
  • Sprint – of the four, this one is the most complex. Sprint will NOT allow you to block any number without involving law enforcement; however, SMS text messages can be blocked for free by speaking with customer support.

You can also opt to block all unknown and blocked numbers through your carrier, which is generally easier than blocking individual numbers; however, you might not wish to go this route, which means you must go through the hassle of blocking individual numbers if you choose to go through your carrier.

You aren’t out of options yet, however.

Option #3: TrapCall

TrapCall is a service that, while inexpensive, will cost you about $5.00 a month, like AT&T’s blocking service, Smart Limits. The $5.00 only covers the basics but for a few bucks extra you can get more features and better control.

TrapCall Services

  1. Revealing blocked numbers
  2. Blacklist any number you want
  3. Voicemail transcription

And if none of these appeal to you, there is one final option

Option #4: Silence or Ignore the Call

No, it isn’t technically blocking the number, but you will achieve the same ends through a different means. While it might be annoying to have your phone go off from blocked numbers or someone you don’t want to hear from, you always have the option of not answering the call at all.

Reasons to Block Other People’s Numbers from Your Cell Phones

  1. You don’t wish to speak to anyone whom you do not know.
  2. You don’t want to be hassled by telemarketers and the like.
  3. You want your ex to leave you alone.
  4. You have a crazy stalker.
  5. You value your privacy.

There are many reasons to want to block someone’s number. Whatever your reason is, it can be fairly simple and inexpensive – even free – to solve your problems. Just follow the steps above and you will be successful. And if you aren’t successful with blocking someone who is harassing you, you can always get the police involved in the matter.

Steps to Blocking Your Number from Other Cell Phones

You can also block your own number from showing up on other people’s cell phones and Caller ID’s.

Option #1: Blocking Your Number From All Calls

  1. Call your customer service line and request that your number be blocked from showing up on Caller ID’s and cell phones. This might result in a few questions but should be a relatively simple process. 2.
  2. If you choose this option and ever need or want to unblock your number, you can do this temporarily simply by dialing *82 before you punch in the numbers for the phone you want to call.
  3. To test if your number is really being blocked, call a phone that you can see or your home phone if it has Caller ID.

Option #2: Temporarily Blocking Your Number From One Call

  1. This is also a simple process. You can block your number from call to call if you so desire without always hiding your number.
  2. Dial the number *67 before dialing out and your number will be blocked.
  3. Number three from option one applies as well.

Reasons to Block Your Number from Other People’s Cell Phones

  1. You value your privacy.
  2. You don’t want your number to be collected and distributed if calling businesses or something of that nature.
  3. You are the crazy ex or stalker.

Should You Block a Phone Number?

If you plan on blocking your number to prank call people, to commit other crimes or fraud, here’s a couple words of advice: be honest, ethical, and follow the law!

And if none of the above helps you, you might want to consider changing your number, in which case you are in need of a new cell phone and should start reviewing the current market as soon as possible to get those pesky blocked callers off your back and off your line.

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