How do I connect my bluetooth to my cell phone?

Connect Bluetooth to Cell PhoneIt is not very hard to learn how to connect a bluetooth to a cell phone. Many people prefer to have their cell phone and bluetooth connected because it provides benefits including safety while driving. In some states it is actually illegal to talk on the phone, without a bluetooth, while driving.

Not all cell phones connect the same way to a bluetooth, so be prepared to compare different cell phones and bluetooth devices to learn how to connect them.

Read on to learn how to connect a cell phone and a bluetooth headset and then be sure to read through our loads of cell phone reviews so that you can find the best online cell phone deals!

1. Get both pieces ready by making sure they are fully charged.

  • If both pieces are not holding a full charge, then they may not be able to emit a strong enough signal to connect.
  • If both pieces are at a full charge then the process should not take longer than five minutes to complete.

2. Turn on the “pairing mode” on the bluetooth headset.

  • This is done on most bluetooth headsets by starting the process with the bluetooth headset power being turned off.
  • Then press and hold the multi-function button, which is usually the button that is used to answer a call, for just a few seconds.
  • A light will start blinking, which indicates the unit is on, but do not let go of the button just yet, wait a couple more seconds.
  • Next the LED light on the headset will start to blink. The blinking will most commonly be in alternating blue and red colors.
  • Once the lights are blinking, the headset is in pairing mode.

3. “Find” the headset with the cell phone.

  • This is usually accomplished by going to the phone menu and finding “bluetooth setup” or some other bluetooth option.
  • Almost all phones have this bluetooth option, however they may be found in different areas of the phones menu.
  • This means that the phone will send out a signal that looks for any bluetooth devices within close reach.
  • The bluetooth headset will also be sending out a signal searching for a close cell phone because it is in pairing mode.
  • The process of the devices “finding” each other usually lasts only a few seconds.

4. Enter the PIN code.

  • After the phone has found the headset it will then require a PIN code to be entered.
  • Most headsets have a PIN code of “0000.”
  • Enter the PIN code when the cell phone prompts to do so.

5. Wait for a message.

  • The headset and phone should connect. Then the phone will give a connection message.
  • The message may be similar to something like this: “Hands Free Connection Established.”
  • Some phones will also have an icon appear at the top of the screen. This icon indicates that the phone is now connected to a bluetooth headset.

6. Task is now completed.

  • Now the cell phone and headset are paired.
  • The quality of how well the headset works is dependent on the software and operation of the cell phone.

How Does a Bluetooth Work?

A bluetooth uses a type of radio technology to send the frequencies that make it work.

Benefits That a Bluetooth Headset Offers

One of the major benefits that a bluetooth headset offers is convenience. This is because by using one of these devices you are able to talk on your phone hands free. This makes it possible for you to accomplish other tasks that you want to get done. For example you can take care of your family or do the dishes while talking.

A bluetooth device also offers the benefit of safety. Statistics have shown that driving and talking on the phone increases the chance of an accident. The bluetooth allows you to talk hands free, therefore you still can have both hands on the wheel.

Can a Bluetooth be Used With More Than Just a Cell Phone?

The most common uses for a bluetooth is with a cell phone. However, it can be used with other devices as well. Some of these devices include:

  • Computers
  • Faxes
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Global Positioning System Receivers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Video Game Consoles

Choosing the Best Bluetooth & Cell Phone Combination

A bluetooth device is a great piece of technology to have. Learning how to connect a bluetooth device to a cell phone is a simple process and does not take much time at all. Many people benefit from owning a bluetooth headset. Make sure and compare different cell phones and bluetooth devices before choosing which one is the right one to purchase.

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