How do I put ringtones on my cell phone?

Cell Phone RingtonesAlmost everyone uses ringtones on their cell phones these days. If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I put ringtones on my cell phone?” you’ve come to the right place. Downloading ringtones to your cell phone is a fairly simple process that’s easy to learn, even for the newest user of a cell phone.

Since there are several different makes of cell phone, the names might be different, but don’t be concerned if you have a new phone and don’t recognize the names of the function you’re using – it’s pretty much the same process for each cell phone.

Read through this guide on how to put ringtones on your cell phone, or in this case, the Motorola I465, better known as the Clutch and then be sure to browse through all of the cell phone reviews on this site to find the best cell phone and cell phone plan!


Go to “Ringtones”. For other phones it might be ‘ringers’. Either way, it’s the same thing as a ringtone. Once you are familiar with the process, it won’t matter what the ringtone is called-you’ll recognize the function instantly.


Select “Buy Ringtones” on the Motorola Clutch. On other phones, it may be “buy ringers”. Once again, the process is quite similar on all phones, though the names are different. Each cell phone maker uses different names for the same function, especially the iPhone.


You will open the browser on your phone, and then you will see the website of the phone company you’re with. The first page will usually show featured ringtones. If you want one of those, then select it. If not, then select “browse categories”. It will then show various categories of music that you can look through. Usually, you are able to select ringtones either by genre or artist. There are millions of ringtones to choose from, especially nowadays. Most artists receive royalties from every ringtone they sell, so you can imagine how many are jumping at the opportunity to put their music on cell phones. That’s why there is so much variety when it comes to ringtones. A couple of years ago, that wasn’t the case.


The screen for purchasing that ringtone will then be shown. You can download ringtones for free, but usually many require payment, and can go for as little as 99 cents and as much as a few dollars. It usually depends on the song itself-if it’s really popular or not. Most of the time, the ringtones are rather inexpensive. Peer to Peer network downloads never happened on cell phones, although it’s possible. So, unless you can download ringtones from your computer onto your phone, you do have to pay something.


Download the ringtone. It will be relatively small in size and won’t take a long time to download-usually a few seconds. If it takes too long, then call the customer service of the company your’e with. They will help you resolve any issues you may have with downloading ringtones. Fortunately, that isn’t required very often. The phone company makes it easy and quick to download a ringtone.


Once the ringtone is downloaded, it’s time to assign the ringtone to where you want it. On the Clutch, you assign the ringtone to line 1, line 2. and so on. On other phones, you assign the ringtone to voice calls, contacts, messages and alarms. Most people assign ringtones to voice calls, although you can also assign the ringtone to other functions.


Once you’ve assigned the ringtone to a line, you’re ready to go. You can go and get more ringtones or just stick with the one you have. Either way, now that you’ve learned how to put ringtones on your cell phone, and you see how simple it is, go ahead and put more on, if you wish.

There you have it. A simple lesson in how to put ringtones on your cell phone. Happy ringtone downloading!

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