What is a handler for a cell phone?

Cell Phone HandlerMany common cell phone applications such as downloading a ring tone, viewing content, or using a specific service requires a handler for a cell phone. The cell phone may display a message “This application requires a handler,” when trying to use some services.

If you have ever wondered what a cell phone handler is then this is the article for you. Read on below to get all of the specifics of how cell phone handlers work and then check out the rest of our cell phone FAQ’s.

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So what is a handler for a cell phone?

Handlers for cell phones normally refer to the add-on program or plug-ins for the cell phone that will enable users to add ring tones, view content or access services that the original software included with the device does not support. Owing to limitations of software configuration or memory, a handler may not be included with the phone. Users of cell phones can get a handler from third party vendors and cell phone manufacturers directly.

When installing third-party software, caution must be exercised because it may not be suitable to the operating system included in the cell phone. Since handlers may not be a part of the new software package, safeguards against handlers may be provided with some cell phones. In such cases, the warranty on the phone may be rendered void because the handler can make the phone inoperable.

When it comes to handlers for cell phones, it can be quite difficult to find a handler to suit several types of content. Users can contact the cell phone manufacturer or cell phone service provider directly to determine the best handler to suit their needs. Some cell phones may just not be equipped to handle the function users are trying to access and in this case upgrading to a better phone model may be the only solution. Users can also install an updated software package to use the handler procured from the manufacturer itself. This may however impact the availability of functions available in the cell phone because of an up gradation of the entire software on the phone.

While users can also opt for handlers provided by the third-party vendors, this could impede with the optimum functionality or with other programs available presently on their cell phone. Users can get the best handlers from their cellular service provider or phone manufacturer, which is the best way. This can protect their warranty coverage and optimal functioning of the phone service.

Cell Phone Handlers – Cell Phone Carriers

Cell phone handlers also refer to the carriers or providers of cell phone service. Each and every handler of cell phone provides different types of service and users have to be familiar with what is out there and what handlers have to offer. The most popular cell phone handlers or carriers based on reception, service and price are mentioned below:

  • Verizon – Verizon occupies the prime place when it comes to good reputation. The customers are happy with the service and reception quality. The company offers excellent after sales service and never gives users any problems.
  • AT&T – This cell phone handler known for its superb iPhone helped promote reviews. They also like the features and selections of the cell phone and the plans provided to customers.
  • Sprint – Sprint is a notable cell phone handler. Customers are satisfied with the technical support system, types of plans and the range of phones available.
  • T-Mobile – T-Mobile is one of the favorites among customers when it comes to cell phone handlers.

Finding the Best Cell Phone Handler

Finding a phone is easy but users must also take care to find the best carrier or handler for cell phones. It is better to read through the reviews of cell phone handlers before selecting one to suit the client’s needs. The following criteria can be used while evaluating cell phone handlers.

Features and Phones

Users can check on the selection of phones and the features available therein before deciding on a cell phone handler. The use of smart phones and other advanced devices are becoming popular these days. Cell phone handlers are keen to promote these phones because of the increased revenue they can enjoy through data plans over voice alone.


Users can check on the plans available for cell phone usage. Other facilities such as data access, text messaging can also be made note of before deciding on a specific cell phone handler to meet their needs. Some cell phone handlers offer several feature combinations, which is not only appealing to the customer but also enables them to make more revenue. Consumers mainly have to check whether the plan would meet his/her needs so that they don’t shell out money for features that will go unused. The reviews will help in finding out the best plan to meet the needs of the customer.

Other Benefits

Users should make a note of the other benefits provided by cell phone handlers. Some carriers help users to make the most of their device by providing a host of applications such as attractive entertainment options. Users can select a carrier based on the features offered or affordability by them.


The extra fees such as roaming fees, termination or activation fees must also be considered while selecting a cell phone handler. Users must be aware of the government taxes and other fees that need to be paid.

Support and Service

Customers can choose those cell phone handlers or carriers that offer services such as phone support, live chat, an online FAQs page including an email contact address.

Whether the customer’s requirements are business related or personal, by finding the right device and plan from the best cell phone handler, they will notice how easy it is to stay in touch.

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